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  • Fecralloy Metal Fiber Fabric For Gas Infrared Burner
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    Fecralloy Fabric For Infrared Roaster

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    Fecralloy FeCrAl Fabric For Infrared Roaster

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    The Knitted Fecralloy fiber fabric is knitted from high temperature resistant FeCrAl yarn, which has uniform pores and good air permeability, it ensures that the burner can generate uniform radiant heat when it is in use. The FeCrAl metal fiber mat is elastic and soft, it can be processed into any desired shape of combustion surface, such as cylindrical burner, spherical burner, etc. It is widely used in gas infrared roaster and gas ovens .


    Model NO.BSK02
    Material100% Fecralloy FeCrAl fiber 
    Average Weight1200 g/m2
    Average Thickness3.3 mm
    Roll width100cm, max 120cm
    Roll longth5 meter
    Operating Temperature600-1100 C degrees

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