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    Ronda Industrial Technology Limited is a large professional manufacturer of technical & innovation textile in China.
    Ronda technical textiles has outstanding production and export business supply for Glass industry , Fire proof, Environmental equipment such as metal fiber infrared gas burner,EMF shielding,conductive textiles and smart textiles industries in the region. Best quality industry textiles has been sold far around the world and are very popular with vast number of customers in the international market such as Europe,America,Germany, Africa and Southeast Asia, And they have enjoyed high international prestige for their superior quality.    

    The details of Ronda technical textiles are as followings:

    1)  Metal Fiber Yarn

    * 100% stainless steel fiber spun yarn ,stainless steel 316L yarn/conductive thread

    Metal fiber diameter :8um , 12um

    Count :1.6NM/2 -30NM/2

    * 100% stainless steel filament yarn and sewing thread

    Fiber diameter : 8 um ,12 um ,etc

    Specification : 275x2 ,275x4,100x3, 100x2 etc

    * Stainless steel metal fiber blend yarn

    Component :stainless steel fiber blend with cotton / polyester /Kevlar  etc

    2) 100% stainless steel fiber woven belt

    Width :5mm - 200mm

    Thickness :0.3- 4mm

    3) 100% stainless steel fiber woven / knitted fabric,stainless steel sleeve

    Weight : 500g/m2 , 650g/m2 ,800g/m2, 980g/m2 , 1050g/m2 and custom made

    Thickness: 0.55 mm,0.65mm,0.68mm, 0.75mm

    4) Stainless steel fiber blend fabric / Electromagnetic wave shielding fabric ,clothing

    Component : stainless steel fiber / cotton / polyester  ,silver fiber / cotton / polyester

    Silver /bamboo

    5) Aramid yarn and fabrics

    Component : Para-aramid, meta aramid , para aramid /cotton/polyester

    6) FeCrAl alloy fabric for premixed metal fiber infrared gas burner/boiler

    Heat resistant 900-1400 C ,FeCrAl alloy fiber woven mat and knitted fiber mesh ,it is widely usded for radiant gas burner

    Custom Design is Available.

    We are striving to supply the best performance ,most reliable,and high cost technial textiles and related project solutions to worldwide customers , and friends from all over the world are welcomed to our company for cooperation.

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