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    Camouflage EMF Radiation Proof Fabric

    Update time:2023-01-03 22:47:04   Number of views:360  

    Metal Fiber Camouflage EMF Radiation Proof Fabric 

    The fabric is metal fiber based EMF radiation protection fabric,it is with camouflage print,can be used for EMF shielding military uniform and also outdoor clothing.


    ComponentsStainless steel fiber 30%, cotton 35%, polyester 35%
    Fabric typeWoven twilled fabric
    Roll width150 cm
    Weight220 g/m2
    Shielding effectivenss30-45 db(10mhz-3000mhz)


    Camo electromagnetic shielding fabric is a popular textile option that provides fantastic results when it comes to protecting against electromagnetic radiation. This fabric is made using advanced electromagnetic shielding materials that work to prevent electromagnetic radiation from penetrating through. Despite the fact that the EMF radiation is invisible, it is harmful to our body, and protective measures need to be taken.

    The purpose of camo electromagnetic shielding fabric is to provide a solution that can neutralize the damages caused by the electromagnetic waves. With the increasing use of electronic devices in our daily lives, we are exposed to electromagnetic radiations constantly. For instance, telecommunication devices, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections all emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is not only harmful to humans but can also affect the devices around us.

    The camo EMF radiation shielding fabric is designed to provide protection from both low and high-frequency electromagnetic radiations. The fabric can absorb the harmful radiations and reflect them away from the wearer's body. Additionally, it is light-weight, comfortable, and breathable. This makes it the perfect choice for people that work in electronic industries, military personnel, and those who are concerned about their health.

    Moreover, the camo EMF shielding fabric is not only useful for personal protective gear but also has various applications in other industries. The shielding fabric is widely used in medical facilities to shield sensitive medical instruments from electromagnetic interference. This helps to provide accurate readings without any disruption from other devices.

    The camo emf shielding fabric is an excellent option for people who want to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic radiation. This innovative fabric is not only effective but also practical for various applications. It's safe to say that the future of protective gear lies in this fascinating textile innovation.

    Rondatex is professional metal fiber conductive fabric manufacturer and wholesaler.we usually have the camouflage EMF protection fabric in stock,besides,some other stock color also available.

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