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    Thin Radiation Proof Fabric For Pocket And Lining

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    Thin Metal Fiber Blended EMF Pocketing Fabric 

    [Product introduction]

    With the increasing prevalence of electronic devices in everyday life, electromagnetic radiation has become a concern for many individuals. This has led to the development of anti-electromagnetic radiation pocket fabrics. These fabrics are designed to block or reduce the amount of radiation and electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices.

    One of the main characteristics of anti-electromagnetic radiation pocket fabrics is their ability to block high-frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves are typically emitted by mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. The fabrics are able to do this by incorporating metal fibers such as copper or silver into the fabric. These fibers act as a shield against electromagnetic waves by absorbing and reflecting them away from the body.

    In addition to their high-frequency blocking properties, anti-radiation pocket fabrics are also durable and lightweight. They are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, making them suitable for use in bags, clothing, and other accessories. Furthermore, they are also lightweight and breathable, ensuring that the fabrics do not compromise the functionality or comfort of the item they are used in.

    Another advantage of anti-electromagnetic radiation pocket fabrics is that they are environmentally friendly. The use of metal fibers allows for the fabrics to be recyclable and reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Additionally, many of these fabrics are also free of harmful chemicals and toxins, making them safe for use by individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

    The anti-electromagnetic radiation pocket fabrics have several unique characteristics that make them an ideal choice for individuals concerned about exposure to electromagnetic radiation. These fabrics offer high-frequency blocking properties, are durable and lightweight, environmentally friendly, and safe for individuals with sensitive skin. As electronic devices continue to become an integral part of modern life, anti-electromagnetic radiation pocket fabrics offer a practical and effective solution for mitigating the potential harmful effects of electronic devices.

    The fabric is a thin plain woven fabric, which is made of superfine stainless steel fiber, polyester fiber and cotton fiber. The stainless steel fiber is evenly distributed in the fabric, which can effectively prevent radiation from mobile phones and computers in daily life. At the same time, the fabric is soft, light and washable. The thin EMF fabric is widely used in anti electromagnetic radiation pocket cloth and anti radiation lining cloth.


    Fabric typeWoven plain weave fabric
    ComponentsStainless steel fiber 30%, cotton 35%, polyester 35%
    Roll width150 cm
    Weight140 g/m2
    Shielding effectivenss25-35 db(10mhz-3000mhz)
    Availalbe colorGrey,light pink ,light blue, black,etc , can do as to order

    [Stock status]

    We have the thin EMF fabric in stock,and some different color available for selection.

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