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    High Temp Resist FeCrAl Fabric

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    ItemsWoven FeCrAl FabricKnitted FeCrAl Fabric
    Material100% FeCrAl alloy metal fiber
    Average thickness1.6mm3.3mm
    Operating temperature600-1100 degrees,max 1300-1400 degress for short time
    ApplicationsInfrared gas burners,industrial gas heaters,gas baking ovens,industrial gas boilers,drying machines


    FeCrAl fibers are known for their exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures. There are several reasons why these fibers exhibit such high heat resistance.

    Firstly, the unique composition of FeCrAl  fibers allows them to maintain their structural integrity at high temperatures. The fibers are composed of iron, chromium, and aluminum, which form a protective oxide layer at the surface of the fiber. This oxide layer prevents further oxidation and helps to maintain the strength of the fiber even in extreme heat.

    Secondly, FeCrAl fibers are highly resistant to deformation at high temperatures. The fibers have a high melting point and maintain their shape even when exposed to temperatures above 1000°C. This is because the fibers have high thermal conductivity, allowing them to quickly dissipate heat and prevent the material from undergoing unwanted structural changes.

    Finally, the manufacturing process used to produce FeCrAl fibers also plays a role in their high-temperature resistance. The fibers are typically produced using a combination of high-pressure water jets and heat treatment, which results in a fiber with high strength and excellent heat resistance.

    Overall, the exceptional heat resistance of FeCrAl fibers can be attributed to their unique composition, high melting point, and manufacturing process. These fibers are essential components in a variety of high-temperature applications, including aerospace, automotive, and industrial gas heaters.

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