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    SUS316L Stainless Steel Thread

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    Stainless Steel Fiber SewingThread

    Stainless steel fiber sewing thread is made of pure stainless steel filament fiber,it has the feature of soft, high strength,high conductive,corrosion resistant and heat resistant .

    Stainless steel sewing thread is twisted by extremely fine metal fiber. Unlike ordinary steel wire thread, stainless steel fiber sewing thread is very soft and has high breaking strength, so it can work on the sewing machine, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

    As technology developing, more and more stainless steel thread are used for e-textiles and heating blanket, such as wearable electronics and sewing electrified kits , the thread is soft and it is all right for sewing machine , handing sewing is also workable .

    Besides , we also have insulating coated stainless steel yarn, the coating thread has good character of waterproof and insulation .

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