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      What are the advantages of metal fiber burners over ceramic media burners?
      Views:1    2023-03-20 22:38:01
      The use of metal fiber burners in infrared heating applications provides several key benefits, including higher heat output, faster response time, longer lifespan, and better heat distribution.
      The applications of metal fibers in textile fabrics.
      Views:9    2023-03-16 21:26:43
      Metal fibers are used in textile materials as conductive fabrics,electromagnetic shielding fabric and heating fabrics.
      What are the applications of 316L stainless steel fiber needled felt?
      Views:8    2023-03-14 22:08:18
      Stainless steel fiber felt are widely used in high temperature environments such as metallurgy, cement and thermal power plants. Secondly, it has high corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Thirdly, stainless steel SUS316L felt has good mechanical properties, which make it widely used in the fields of industrial filtration and environmental protection.
      Why does the metal fiber burner save more gas?
      Views:7    2023-03-13 23:17:00
      Metal fiber burners use a unique Fecralloy fiber mesh that allows them to produce more heat energy for every unit of fuel used. Thanks to their unique design and advanced combustion process, metal fiber burners are able to produce more heat energy while using less fuel, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
      How about the oxidation resistance of Fecralloy fiber and metal fiber?
      Views:6    2023-03-10 23:39:23
      FeCrAl metal fiber exhibit excellent oxidation resistance due to its unique structures and compositions. Rondatex offers high performance FeCrAl metal fiber mesh for gas infrared burner,the metal fibers are widely used for premix gas burner,gas oven and asphalt heaters.
      Advantages of Fecralloy fiber mesh in gas infrared burner
      Views:9    2023-03-08 22:41:58
      Fecralloy metal fiber mesh has excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity,it also has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.
      How about the conductivity of stainless steel fiber
      Views:7    2023-03-05 23:09:22
      The electrical conductivity of stainless steel fiber is significantly higher than that of normal metal fiber. Rondatex offers high performance AISI 316L stainless steel fiber and finished stainless steel woven tape and stainless steel fiber fabrics.
      How about the strength of stainless steel fiber
      Views:33    2023-03-04 22:30:34
      The strength of stainless steel fiber is comparable to that of metal fiber, as it is composed of rolled and drawn fibers with multiple planes of orientation arranged in a parallel fashion.
      Construction of metal fiber burner
      Views:11    2023-03-03 23:43:44
      The structure of metal fiber burner consists of the following parts: a swirler, a gas nozzle, a shielding cup, an igniter, a flame stabilizer and an exhaust pipe. Rondatex offers high performance Fecralloy metal fiber mat for infrared metal fiber burners.
      What is the production process of stainless steel fiber?
      Views:34    2023-03-01 21:49:11
      The production of stainless steel fibers is a complex process, involving multiple steps and different production techniques. Rondatex is professional AISI 316L stainless steel fiber and metal fiber fabrics manufacturer,we welcome to cooperate with you on the area.
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