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      High temperature resist Fecral alloy woven wire mesh for infrared gas boiler
      Views:50    2020-07-17 10:48:15
      The Fecralloy fiber woven mesh for boiler is made of Fe Cr Al alloy fiber. The diameter of the fiber is 40um to 60um, which ensures the heat resistance of the wire mesh in combustion up to 1300 C degrees.Metal fiber mat is a uniform medium with strong air permeability. The filter can not only burn in the infrared radiation mode, but also in the blue flame mode, and realize the combustion conversion in two modes.
      RONDATEX's head office is in normal running
      Views:43    2020-03-13 10:47:12
      RONDATEX's head office and factory is in normal running,and We will continiously provide you with quality products and services.Our featured products :*Stainless steel micro metal fiber yarn,stainless steel fiber cloth.*Fecr alloy metal fiber for infrared premix gas burners.*Metal fiber and silver EMF protection fabrics.Aramid fiber yarn and fabrics.
      Non Combustible PANOF woven Twilled Fabric
      Views:44    2019-09-19 10:42:26
      Feedback from gas burner customer in Germany
      Views:110    2019-09-12 12:02:13
      The Germany customer bought the metal fiber mat last year, and they haid installed the fiber mat on metal fiber infrared paint drying burner, the machine works very well during the year, and dryiing efficiency is greatly improved.
      11/2 NM stainless steel fiber yarn
      Views:48    2019-08-14 15:56:33
      Ronda metal fiber textiles offers a widely range specification of 100% stainless steel yarn, and among of them, 11/2NM stainless steel yarn is widely used.as the yarn is made of 100% stainless steel fiber,so it has very good performance of high temperature resistance,can be weaved or knitted to 100% stainless steel fiber cloth, the cloth is good material for glass making industry.
      Stainless steel blended conductive yarn to eliminate static electricity
      Views:45    2019-07-27 15:56:21
      Dust removal filter bag is the heart of bag filter in the process of operation. Usually the cylindrical pulse filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. Dust-containing gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet and passes through the guide plate of the dust hopper, so that part of the large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertia force and directly falls into the dust hopper and contains dust gas.
      Feedback from infrared gas burner customer
      Views:93    2019-07-09 15:54:08
      One of our customers in Poland sent us the photo of their infrared gas burner , customer use Rondatex's metal fiber mat as the burning media, he said the metal fiber has appropriate air permeability,red fire is average on surface , NOX and CO emissions reduced at least 60%, customer was satisfied with the quality and competitive cost,they said they are sure to have a further cooperation with Rondatex.
      SS 316l yarn
      Views:59    2019-06-15 12:01:33
      The yarn is 100% SS 316L spun yarn ,it is conductive and can resist high temperature up to 600 C degrees ,SS 316 L yarn is usually used for knitting 100% SS 316L fabric, or knitting with other yarns such as cotton or polyester yarn.Ronda metal fiber is professional manufacturer of SS 316L yarn ,we have normal specifications in stock and sample order is available.
      Silver bamboo anti bacterial fabric
      Views:177    2019-06-04 11:10:34
      This fabric is made of silver fiber and bamboo fiber, it is knitted fabric with elastic.* Fabric No.# SA-170B.* Antibacterial rate >99.9%.* Advantage: the fabric is composed of silver fiber, not aftertreatment , the fabric is washable , and still have anti mircrobial function after many times washing.* The fabric mainly used for anti bacterial underwear.
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