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    Stainless Steel Fiber Woven Tape

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    Stainless Steel Fiber Woven Tape

    Stainless steel fiber woven tape has the feature of smooth surface,tensile strength and high melting point, the structure is also very flexible ,it can be used in high temperature environment ,also the resistance is very small,it is good conductivity and thermal conductivity material.

    It is the best forming mold coating materials for auto glass making process, and high temperature resistant buffer material for auto glass industry, meanwhile , it is ideal tape for glass wiping in glass making process .

    It also can be used in equipment to eliminate static electricity,such as printing machine , and it can be applied to all kinds of anti-static products,it is permanent shielding and conductive materials.


    5- 200 mm


    0.3- 4 mm


    50 m/roll

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