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    Thin Radiation Proof Fabric For Pocket And Lining

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    Metal Fiber Blended Thin Fabric 

    The fabric is a thin plain woven fabric, which is made of superfine stainless steel fiber, polyester fiber and cotton fiber. The stainless steel fiber is evenly distributed in the fabric, which can effectively prevent radiation from mobile phones and computers in daily life. At the same time, the fabric is soft, light and washable. The thin EMF fabric is widely used in anti electromagnetic radiation pocket cloth and anti radiation lining cloth.


    Fabric typeWoven plain weave fabric
    ComponentsStainless steel fiber 30%, cotton 35%, polyester 35%
    Roll width150 cm
    Weight140 g/m2
    Shielding effectivenss25-35 db(10mhz-3000mhz)
    Availalbe colorGrey,light pink ,light blue, black,etc , can do as to order

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