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    Twilled Conductive Fabric

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    Stainless Steel Fiber Mixed Conductive Fabric


    Fabric type

    Woven twilled fabric


    Conductive fabric,EMF protection fabric


    Stainless steel fiber30%,cotton 35%,polyester 35%



    Roll width

    150 cm

    Broken strength

    Warp 780 N, Weft 460 N


    300 ohm/30cm

    EMF shielding effect

    32-46 DB (10MHZ-3000MHZ)

    Conductive fabrics are increasingly being used as electromagnetic radiation protection materials. These fabrics are designed to reduce exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation by absorbing and dissipating the energy from electromagnetic fields.

    The principle behind conductive fabrics as electromagnetic radiation protection materials is based on the fact that they contain conductive fibers that act as a shield or barrier against electromagnetic radiation. The conductive fibers in the fabric help to deflect the energy from electromagnetic radiation and prevent it from penetrating through to the body.

    Conductive fabrics can be made from a range of materials such as stainless steel fiber, silver fiberor nickel. These conductive materials are woven into the fabric or added as coatings on the surface of the fabric to create a conductive layer. The thickness and density of the conductive layer in the fabric determine its effectiveness in protecting against electromagnetic radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiation can come from various sources, including cell phones, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. These sources emit radiation that can penetrate human tissue and cause damage to cells, leading to health problems such as cancer and other illnesses. By using conductive fabrics as a shield against electromagnetic radiation, these fabrics can reduce the risk of exposure and help protect individuals from these harmful effects.

    Conductive fabrics act as a barrier against electromagnetic radiation by incorporating conductive fibers that deflect and absorb the energy from the radiation. This reduces the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, which can cause harm to the human body. As such, conductive fabrics are an important tool in protecting individuals from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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