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    Feedback from gas burner customer in Germany

    The Germany customer bought the metal fiber mat last year, and they had installed the fiber mat on metal fiber infrared paint drying burner, the machine works very well during the year, and drying efficiency is greatly improved.

    • Where to buy metal fiber textiles ?

      Rondatex is a professional manufacturer specializing in metal fiber products, including metal fiber, metal fiber yarn, and metal fiber fabrics

    • Classification of pure metal fibers

      Stainless steel fiber is drawn from stainless steel wire, which is the fastest developed and most widely used metal fiber in the market. RONDATEX specializes in the production of stainless steel fiber series products. The main products include: 316L stainless steel fiber, stainless steel fiber filament, 316L stainless steel fiber yarn, stainless steel fiber cloth, metal fiber sleeve, stainless steel webbing, etc.

    • Why does the metal fiber infrared burner have better thermal shock resistance?

      The head of the metal fiber infrared burner is made of 100% FeCrAl alloy fiber mesh, and the metal fiber mesh is made through a three-dimensional structure, which has high impact resistance.

    • Why metal fiber burner can reduce harmful gas emissions

      Because the permeability of the metal fiber fabric is very uniform, and the gas and air are uniformly premixed,so the generation of NOx is inhibited. There is enough air in the premixed gas to supply, so the emission of C0 is also very low.

    • What is the difference between infrared combustion and blue flame combustion of metal fiber burner?

      Infrared thermal radiation heating means that the combustible mixture burns inside the metal fiber medium, the metal fiber fabric is heated to the incandescent state, and part of the heat is released by radiation, The blue flame mode is that the combustible mixture burns above the metal fiber cloth, and the flame appears blue floating on the surface.

    • Why stainless steel fiber yarn can be used in textile

      The metal fiber yarn is made of very fine 316L stainless steel fiber, the metal yarn is softer and more flexible than the metal wire. Therefore, stainless steel fiber yarn is often used in industrial textiles.

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    • Working principle of infrared radiation burner

      The metal fiber burner uses FeCrAl alloy metal fiber to generate infrared radiation heat source with high efficiency heat conduction. The main body of the metal fiber burner is made of stainless steel.

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