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    High Temperature Resistant Sewing Thread

    Update time:2023-07-29 22:26:51   Number of views:483  


    Style2 strands3 strands
    Strength(Single fiber)23.91 cN32.97cN
    Operating temperature650 Celsius degrees


    Stainless steel fiber thread have been gaining popularity as a high temperature resistant sewing thread in recent years. This is due to the incredible heat resistance properties of stainless steel, which can withstand very high temperatures without losing its shape or strength.

    When sewing materials that are exposed to high temperatures, such as fire resistant fabrics or industrial materials, it is important to have a thread that can withstand these conditions. Traditional sewing threads made from materials such as cotton or polyester cannot hold up to extreme heat, leading to thread breakage and ultimately, a failed garment or product.

    Stainless steel sewing thread provide a solution to these issues, offering a level of durability and strength that can withstand the most extreme heat conditions. This remarkable thread is also resistant to chemicals and abrasion, providing even more benefits to high-temperature industrial applications.

    In addition to its heat resistance and strength properties, stainless steel thread is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of products, from clothing and outdoor gear to automotive and aerospace products. Its unique properties make it the perfect sewing thread for the most demanding applications.

    With the increasing need for high temperature&heat resistant sewing thread in the industrial market, the use of stainless steel thread has become more common. These metallic threads provide exceptional heat resistance, durability, and versatility, making them the ideal choice for high temperature sewing applications.

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