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    316L Stainless steel fiber sliver

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    Stainless Steel Fiber Sliver

    Stainless steel fiber is manufactured by stainless steel wire using bundle drawing process, to bring the diameter from 1 to 40 micron. It has metallic luster of stainless steel and its surface is glossy. Because the diameter is of micron level, it can present new properties besides original metal property. Not only holding properties as electric conductivity, heat conductivity and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, it also possesses characteristics such as flexibility similar to chemical fibers and high specific surface area. It is the basic material of producing various stainless steel fiber products, covering the fields of industry, civilian and military, such as textile, anti static filtration, metallurgy and paper making etc.

    Stainless steel fibers are mainly used in manufacturing products as follows:

    1. Pure stainless steel fiber fabrics

    2. Stainless steel fiber blended spun fabrics

    3. Stainless steel fiber sintered felt

    4. Conductive plastics for electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, anti-counterfeit and antistatic paper

    5. Fiber reinforced material

    6. Anti-static brush, anti-static nonwoven fabric

    7. High temperature resistant products

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